Murphy’s Creek

The storyline of this drama/mystery-thriller follows a mysterious woman who stumbles into the small desert town of Murphy’s Creek with no memory of who she is or why she’s there, and the small town Sheriff who is tasked with unraveling this mystery. The mystery continues when the Sheriff discovers a single car wreck outside of town and two bodies in the vicinity. The Sheriff discovers the car is registered to the FBI, but doesn’t know if the woman is and agent or a witness under protection. Over the course of a few days they develop a romantic relationship, and the Sheriff ultimately helps save her from corrupt FBI agents and hit men sent by a drug lord she was to testify against. MURPHY’S CREEK has several sub-plots, twists and a large action sequence in the climax. Director intends to shoot the Film with the look of “No Country For Old Men” and the feel of “The Departed”.


Harvey Lowry, Justin Gullett, Michel Weisler, Dean Altit

Larry Thorton


2nd Unit Director:

Harvey Lowry

Justin Gullett


Carol Mulholland


TBA (To Be Announced)