September 16, 2016

Harvey Lowry is Directing The Competition Starring Thora Birch

Cassidy Way

Cassidy Way is a gut-wrenching thriller inspired by true events. When film students Gina, Collin, and Mitch set out to make her thesis documentary film about a fracking company in Kern County, they uncover documents relating to the company and it’s dark past. After narrowly escaping they encounter Jamison Connors, who takes them back to their house where they meet his sister, mother, and Donald, the father. Donald suspects the three of them are involved with the company and holds them accountable for his son’s death. Kern County will never be the same.


Ken Sax, Justin Gullett

Executive Producers:

Larry Thorton, Randy Wayne, Thyme Lewis


2nd Unit Director:

Harvey Lowry

Justin Gullett


Ken Sax, Neil Blakemore


Christopher Rich, Nikki Moore, Randy Wayne, Michael Nardelli, Stan Shaw, Sydney Sweeney, Sean H. Scully, Norman Lehnert, Thyme Lewis, Rene Ashton, Lisa Long, David Jones Roberts, Stelio Savante