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Short Film of the Week: The Outpost

By February 16, 2015Blog

It’s my birthday. 30 years old today and of course I thought how fitting it would be to post a short film that happens to be my first and possibly only movie I will ever direct. I would like to say this one was thirty years in the making but in reality this was a passion project of my friend, Josh Taylor, a talented young DP, who no doubt we will see again one day. The film is called The Outpost. It was filmed over the course of two-days, each day being about a twelve hour shoot overnight.

The story is about how tempers flair when two estranged brothers meet after 3 years in WWII Europe. The screenplay was written by Taylor and came in second place in the young screenwriters category at the 2014 Nashville Film Festival. 

So without further ado here is Red Thread Pictures’ own, EVP of Marketing & Communication’s, attempt at directing with The Outpost.

“Thanks to the awesome cast [Jay, CJ]. Of course Josh who produced and truly made this movie come to life.”

Disclaimer: This project was produced, directed, and written independently of Red Thread Pictures by a Red Thread Pictures employee and does not represent Red Thread Pictures official portfolio of work. RTP is just allowing me to give a shout out for the hard work. 

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