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Great “Monday at 11:01” Interview with Actor Lance Henriksen

By January 27, 2016Blog


Dread Central just posted a great interview with actor, Lance Henriksen, who will be starring in the Harvey Lowry directed thriller “Monday at 11:01am.” The actor had nothing but gracious things to say about Lowry, the crew and his experience filming this thriller produced by our friends Charles Agron Productions and K Street Pictures.

“I didn’t know Harvey before, and actually we live in the same town, a very little town. I met him on the set, and he’s very, very good because he sets the climate and he knows… he and Charles [Agron, the writer and lead actor], they really have their heads together and figured out how they wanted to shoot this and had a great DP too so it really was a wonderful experience. I’m talking about how it feels to be [on set]… sets are all different so it’s an adventure. When you have a set that is so well functioning and creative, I felt like we really did some good work.”

Read the rest of the full interview here.

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