Lochte Hard-core

Red Thread Pictures partnered with Olympic, eleven-time Gold Medalist, Ryan Lochte to bring people across the world the ultimate body. A revolutionary new home workout series that is truly breaking the elements of home workout training. Starring Ryan Lochte, eleven-time Olympic Medalist and his trainer Matt DeLancey, Lochte Hard-CORE will focus entirely on the core. The core is the most important part of a swimmer’s body because it is the foundation of strength. Without a strong core a swimmer’s strokes alone would not be powerful enough to win the gold. The core is also the most important part of YOUR body! That’s why Ryan felt it was necessary to start here, to strengthen the core and allow the rest of the body to follow.

With a strong core, everything else can fall into place more quickly. Success in your workout will become inevitable. Many people begin a workout program and wonder why they fail. The main reason is due to the fact that the foundation of their body is not strong enough to support all of the other exercises being performed correctly. The better form that you have when performing any exercise, the faster you will see results. That’s where the core comes in. Starting with the the core will allow you to have better control over every part of your body, which will in turn allow you to see results from any workout much faster.

Every exercise in Lochte Hard-CORE will bring you closer to achieving the most desired and coveted physique, the Olympic swimmer’s body. All without having to step into a pool. The best part? You can do all the workouts in the comfort of your own home without having to buy any weights or experience the hassle of an expensive gym. LOCHTE Hard-CORE is coming soon. Go to for more information.


Justin Gullett, Larry Thornton


Justin Gullett


Kevin Coll


Ryan Lochte, Matt DeLancey