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“Poetry, Beauty, Romance, Love, These Are What We Stay Alive For”

Robin Williams immortalized the above quote in his mesmerizing performance as Professor John Keating in the famed “Dead Poets Society.” Now it is with the heaviest of hearts and deepest sorrow that we at Red Thread Pictures remember the loss of one of the most talented and greatest actors of a generation. A tragic death to say the least, Williams, was an inspiration to many in the industry and certainly provided a legacy of entertainment, laughs and memorable characters that audiences have loved the world over.

In that speech Williams’ character goes on to say,

“…That the powerful play goes on and you may contribute a verse. What will your verse be?” 

Williams’ verse was truly one of laughter and the personification of “off-the-wall” and zany characters that are memorable throughout pop culture. As the world and most certainly his family grieves over his untimely and shocking death we remember a man whose rants, manic personality and joyous zest boomed from various stand-up acts to famed characters such as the alien, Mork to the lovable British nanny, Mrs. Doubtfire.

Williams impersonations ranging from Keith Richards to a drunk Scotsman inventing golf always resonates with Red Thread’s VP of Marketing, Kevin Coll.

“Those impersonations were some of the best and funniest I’ve seen in my life. Every time I am on the golf course I remember his Scottish rant on golf. ‘Aladdin’ is the movie I remember him the most for because it was the first film I saw in theaters as a child and it was the one that made me love movies and want to entertain. I would run around impersonating all his different voices.He never knew me but he had such an influence on my life.”

CEO of Red Thread Pictures, Justin Gullett, called Williams “one of the greatest entertainers of all time.” Gullett went on to say,

“No one has made more people laugh harder than him with all his crazy abrupt character changes and abrupt voices. This man was gifted with his ability to generate laughter out of the audience. He truly knew the art and timing of humor. We are going to miss Mr. Williams. Some of my earliest memory of Williams was reruns of the ‘Mork and Mindy’ show.  Most of my humor today was influenced by him.  He entertained us all for decades with the most genuine hearted humor anyone had ever seen. Life is short, even if you live it in it’s full entirety. At this moment he’s standing in heaven right now… I am jealous, although I wished he was with us much longer. We will miss you Robin Williams.”

It is with prayers, thoughtfulness and a teary eye that we all look to the heavens and remember a man who arrived in our hearts as an alien, stole our hearts as a nanny, embraced our child-like spirit as Peter Pan, granted our wish of laughter as a genie and most of all taught us how to love unconditionally as “Patch Adams.” He was a doctor, a radio show host, a psychiatrist and everything in between. His ability to make us laugh helped us all through tough times, turned a bad day around and flipped a frown into a smile. Red Thread Pictures offers our thoughts, our condolences and our prayers to the Williams’ family and friends and those who knew him. Rest in Peace Mr. Williams your star will always shine bright in our minds, memories and hearts. God Bless.

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