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We give people hope through stories that inspire and redeem

Red Thread Pictures is a unique independent production company and financier that works as one with top filmmakers to develop, produce and finance films with worldwide appeal.  We work with full feature films, shorts, corporate reels and commercials.


In Theaters Nationwide on April 22, 2016
Based on the actual diaries of Joseph Hoover, an unlikely survivor of the Underground Railroad.


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In Development

Red Thread Pictures is currently developing a plethora of feature film projects designed to entertain and tell amazing stories. Some of the projects currently in development range across various genre’s such as supernatural romance to pure action-thrillers. We are so excited about these projects and can’t wait for them to start production soon!

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In Production

Red Thread Pictures is excited about our latest projects currently in some form of production, whether its pre-production, principal photography or post-production.

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In Release

Red Thread Pictures is pleased to offer these titles as official releases whether they are theatrical or home release. We encourage you to get a copy of these films today.

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Red Thread Pictures while accomplishing feats in the film industry we also love doing commercial work for companies to provide our passion for cinematic quality productions, these shorts, ads and other work showcase the time, talent and creativity that is Red Thread Pictures.

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Watch Our Corporate Reel

The crux of what we do.  The Corporate Production Reel encompasses the talent, time, and creativity that is Red Thread Pictures.

Released Summer 2016.